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OTCPharm — is a major company on the Russian OTC market in terms of the range of pharmaceuticals in the main therapeutic categories.


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Important Safety Information

Active substances. Umifenovirum. АТC Code: J05AX13. INN: Umifenovirum. Pharmacotherapeutic group: antiviral agent. Pharmacodynamics. Arbidol is the antiviral medicinal product. It specifically inhibits in vitro viruses of influenza A and B and other viruses, i.e. agents of Acute Respiratory Virus Infections (ARVI). Based on its antiviral activity mechanism it belongs to the fusion inhibitors (fusions); it interacts with virus hemagglutinin. Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to Umifenovirum or any other component of the medicinal product; Paediatric patients under 2 years old. First trimester of pregnancy. Breast feeding period. Adverse reactions. Rare – allergic reactions.