Cold and flu

Influenza and other ARVIs are the most widespread infectious diseases. Hundreds of viruses capable of causing the cold are activated every year in the inter-season period.

Fever, coughing, sore throat, chills, weakness, nasal congestion, frequent headaches are obvious signs of these diseases.

Symptomatic and antiviral medicinal products are used for treatment. The measures taken in due time will help to suspend the further development of the disease or tolerate it in a milder form.

Viruses are quickly transmitted from person to person by airborne or by contact way. Often the rapid spread of infection becomes epidemic. Therefore, doctors all around the world are concerned about the development of preventive measures of avoiding infection and mitigating of the ARVI negative effects. Prevention of influenza and other ARVIs comprises the certain complex of actions including vaccination, administration of antiviral medicines, etc.

ARBIDOL is indicated for prevention and treatment of influenza and other acute respiratory virus infections (ARVI) in adults and children. According to the Instruction on medical use of the medicinal product, ARBIDOL is active with respect to influenza A and B (Influenza virus A and B) as well as the other viruses – ARVI agents (coronavirus), which is associated with the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), rhinovirus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (Pneumovirus) and parainfluenza (Paramyxovirus).

Possibility to administer ARBIDOL for ARVI of various aetiology is conditioned by its universal action mechanism consisting of virus blockade at the stage of its penetration into the cell (virus fusion). Thanks to this action mechanism, ARBIDOL has the wide range of antiviral activity with respect to the viruses that cause various acute respiratory infections including the viruses from the family of coronaviruses (Coronaciridae), which has been proved by the multiple studies.

Important Safety Information

Active substances. Umifenovirum. АТC Code: J05AX13. INN: Umifenovirum. Pharmacotherapeutic group: antiviral agent. Pharmacodynamics. Arbidol is the antiviral medicinal product. It specifically inhibits in vitro viruses of influenza A and B and other viruses, i.e. agents of Acute Respiratory Virus Infections (ARVI). Based on its antiviral activity mechanism it belongs to the fusion inhibitors (fusions); it interacts with virus hemagglutinin. Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to Umifenovirum or any other component of the medicinal product; Paediatric patients under 2 years old. First trimester of pregnancy. Breast feeding period. Adverse reactions. Rare – allergic reactions.